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Spain's Doom Death Metal Band SOLNEGRE Unveils Details About Upcoming Album “The Spiral Labyrinth”!

The Spanish doom death metal outfit SOLNEGRE has announced that its debut album, entitled “The Spiral Labyrinth”, will be released on October 6th via Meuse Music Records and Tragedy Productions. What you may expect from “The Spiral Labyrinth” are massive crushing riffs, slow-but-not-funeral vibe, multi layered keys, heavily distorted bass and crushing growls.

Watch the visualizer video of “Ethereal/A Song For Nel”!

The visualizer of “Vessel Part I: The Night Within” is also available here:

“The Spiral Labyrinth” is divided into six songs, with an approximate duration of 10 minutes each. It’s a conceptual journey through different scenarios with the common denominator on the pain, the anguish, the hypersensitivity and the struggle with a highly functioning depression, which is absolutely based on a real condition. The music can be described as doom/death metal with a strong old-school vibe, making fans of My Dying Bride, early Anathema, early Opeth enthusiastic.

SOLNEGRE is the Vessel through which the band channels creative impulses and somber thoughts. The band considers that this kind of aggressive, melancholic and atmospheric music is a natural language to them, to express not only how they feel, but who they really are… in essence.

Music, lyrics and arrangements of “The Spiral Labyrinth” are by the SolNegre collective. Guitar solo in “Vessel Part I” by Mike le Rossetti. Vocals in “Ethereal/A Song for Nel” by Gadea es Ineseta. Vocals in “Song for the Inert” by Ivan Arrieta “Rasputin Doompriest”. Piano solo in “Ethereal/A Song for Nel” by Tià Pujol. SolNegre logo and layout are by Andreu Art. Cover art by the SolNegre collective. Album recorded at Diorama Sound during Autumn 2022. Engineered by Toni Salvà.

You can pre-order “The Spiral Labyrinth” at the links below:

EUROPE / Worldwide (Meuse Music Records):

AMERICAS (Tragedy Productions):

This is the official tracklist of “The Spiral Labyrinth”:

1. Vessel Part I: The Night Within

2. Vessel Part 2: The Day We all Failed

3. The End of All Things Endless

4. Yours is a Legacy of Broken Glass and Poisoned Wells

5. September 6th, 1995

6. The Waning Glow

7. Song For the Inert Part I

8. Ethereal/A Song for Nel




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