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PR & Marketing
for Heavy Music

The Metallist PR supports bands and labels with online & print press PR, radio plugging, Spotify promotion, YouTube video promotion, and customized marketing solutions.

We take care of your full-length, EP or single release from the very first steps, planning a PR campaign down to the smallest detail, informing relevant media outlets about your release, up to sharing all the results in real time.

Discover our services for PR & publicity, Spotify promotion, YouTube video promotion, and read some testimonials. We also offer a wide range of digital marketing services.

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Latest Client Feedback

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Out of Darkness - Band Photo 1 by Bill Staley.jpg

"Found my PR Manager right here"

"Very Professional"

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"Top Professionalism"

Caedeous | Portugal / Symphonic Black Metal

Out of Darkness| USA / Heavy Metal

Gruesome Records| Portugal / Record Label

"Can't recommend The Metallist PR enough ! I was looking for an outstanding PR agency and I was recommended Davide Pulito and his agency. His results were nothing but fully professional, with tons of exposure of our album. If you are looking into professional and serious PR agency, do not look further, here is your last stop search. Fully recommend The Metallist PR. I will be coming back for Caedeous 3rd album, found my PR Manager right here."
"The Metallist PR was very professional to work with and has excellent communication so we always knew what his plan was. They works relentlessly, for a very fair price. We would definitely use them again. Thank you!"
"Awesome to work with The Metallist PR! Everything runs smoothly, with top professionalism and very close attention to details. We HIGHLY recommend it, mainly because what is promised, is delivered!"

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