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Discover thrash metal bands hitting hard like hell! You can also read about how we've broken new thrash metal bands on our thrash metal PR testimonials page.

MMI - Pressphoto by Mattias Johansson.jpg
Fall Of Carthage
Crowdead Photo by Giorgia De Biasi.jpg

Man Machine Industry

Sweden / Heavy-Thrash Metal

Fall of Carthage

feat. Arkadius Antonik (SUIDAKRA)

Germany / Groove Metal


Italy / Groove Metal



Germany / Thrash Metal

Kaptain Kollnot Photo by Jessica Hecker.jpeg

Kaptain Kollnot

USA / Progressive Thrash Metal

feat. STU BLOCK (Into Eternity, Iced Earth)

Catalysis Photo.jpg


UK / Thrash-Groove Metal

Nosferâ photo.jpg


Reunion Island / Blackened Thrash-Death Metal

Tyranex promo 3 2023 Therese Rasmusson.jpg


Sweden / Thrash-Speed Metal

Stagewar Band Photo 1.jpg


Germany / Thrash Metal

H8teball | UK / Thrash-Death Metal


UK / Thrash-Death Metal

Beyond Salvation | UK / Thrash Metal

Beyond Salvation

UK / Thrash Metal

Idol Throne photo by Kyle Bergfors KB Imaging Co..jpg

Idol Throne

USA / Thrash-Power-Prog Metal

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