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Breaking Thrash Metal Bands

Tyranex promo 4 2023 Therese Rasmusson.jpg

In 2023 we promoted a stunning work: "Reasons for the Slaughter" by the Swedish speed/thrash metallers Tyranex. The best achievements were a great 8,5/10 by Obliveon ("In terms of sound, “Reasons For The Slaughter” is certainly the most powerful and “complete” Tyranex album to date"), 8/10 by ("Tyranex want to get out of the fray and with this 'Reasons for the Slaughter' they are able to do it") and Metalhead ("the passion and energy profuse make “Reasons for the Slaughter” a must for the most intransigent lovers of speed/thrash metal").

The notable Angry Metal Guy wrote that "Reasons for the Slaughter is a fun, tightly written romp that won’t disappoint or bore any fans of thrash, new or old. Apparently, a successful retro-thrash record is still possible. You just need to be passionate as hell about it, write great hooks and execute them with skill, and have something that sets you apart like an extraordinary vocalist. Not many bands can deliver on all these fronts, but Tyranex nails it effortlessly and has a great damn time to boot."


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