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Symphonic Black Metal Horde SUFFERING SOULS Unleashes the New Single “Soul Devourer” Off Upcoming Album “An Iconic Taste Of Demise”!

German symphonic black metal band SUFFERING SOULS has revealed a new single, entitled “Soul Devourer”, taken from the album “An Iconic Taste Of Demise” out on May 31st via Satanath Records and Fetzner Death Records.

Stream “Soul Devourer” on YouTube:

Pre-order the album here:

After a thunderous intro, “Soul Devourer” unfolds its arsenal in a thoughtful manner over its 6-minute duration, demonstrating the great compositional experience of the mastermind Tobias “Lord Esgaroth” Micko. Massive riffs, symphonic passages and guitar solos will thus find their space in one of the highest moments of the new album.

“An Iconic Taste Of Demise”, which was recorded in the legendary Hertz Studio in Poland, where Behemoth, Vader and Hate, among others, have already produced, features multi-instrumentalist Tobias “Lord Esgaroth” Micko with the refined sound of all classical instruments, lead guitars and clear, choral vocals, create a powerful and imposing, aggressive atmosphere that has never existed before in the work of the project. “An Iconic Taste Of Demise”, on which the drums were played by none other than Michiel van der Plicht (Pestilence), reveals a dark and sinister identity. It contains 10 brand-new songs, including an 8-minute symphonic masterpiece as a bonus track which will initially be released as a digipak and later as an LP version. For fans of Dimmu Borgir, an unmissable piece of black art that absolutely enchants and undoubtedly puts the band on the throne of German Symphonic Black Metal.

SUFFERING SOULS has finally revealed the tracklist of the new effort. You can read it here below:

1. Idolum

2. Soul Devourer

3. From Hubris To Demise

4. In The Order Of Doom

5. Dolor Matris

6. A Touch Of Evil Kindness

7. Under My Skin

8. My Whore

9. Of Clarity And Hysteria

10. Cruelty In Love And Fear


Symphonic Black Metal Suffering Souls New Single


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