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HELLFIRE 76 Lyric Video for “The Devil You Know” Let Us Meet the Voices Inside Our Heads

The US southern / stoner rockers HELLFIRE 76 have shared another video taken from the self-titled debut EP – out from May 3. This time it’s a lyric video for the song “The Devil You Know” - watch it HERE!

Song with a strongly intimate and psychedelic atmosphere, “The Devil You Know” talks about the relationship with our inner voices and the difficulty in assessing their reliability: “We let the voices in our heads get the better of us – stated guitarist and vocalist Von Bury - acting on thoughts instead of truth and fact. The Devil You Know is believing your own truths.”

HELLFIRE 76 uses the masks of Voodoo, Witchcraft, Occult and Tarot to tell us tales of how Evil has taken possession of our world, ruled by liars, impostors, and careerists. People are inundated by a flood of lies, perpetrated by strong powers such as governments and the Church, which obscure the view of the Truth.

Drink the band’s concoction made of bloody riffs, genuine rhythms, and distorted vocals that you can find in the dirtiest clubs in New Orleans! Fans of Kyuss, ZZ Top, Killing Joke, The Melvins, and Clutch will be amazed to listen to it!

The album is available as streaming and download on the following digital platforms:


1. Lilith (3:30)

2. Iron Fist (3:04)

3. Venom (4:22)

4. The Devil You Know (4:29)

5. Wicked Mystic (2:44)

6. Voodoo Mama (5:06)

Production and recording by Rob Tavaglione at Catalyst Recording, Charlotte NC.


Von Bury – Guitars, Vocals, Organ

Mike McGuinness – Drums

HELLFIRE 76 Online:



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