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Portugal’s Death/Blackened Thrash/Punk Duo SPITGOD Reveals Details of the Upcoming EP “Through Life 'till Death“

The Portuguese Death/Blackened Thrash/Punk band SPITGOD is proud to announce that the new EP will be entitled “Through Life 'till Death“ and it will be released on May 24th via Gruesome Records.

Composed of 6 tracks for over 18 minutes of playing time, “Through Life 'till Death“ will excite the fans of bands like The Accüsed, Benediction, Venom, Discharge, Celtic Frost, and Black Flag.

The band has this to say about the new effort:

Through Life 'till Death“ is the result of a joint effort of deep personal immersion and exploration, where the fact that there are only two of us allowed us to intensely explore certain aspects without external interference, so to speak, translating it into music. Basically, it's the transformation of personality into the musical form of art. As for the title itself, it basically states that we want to enjoy and do what we love until death. Meaning, Rock n' Roll. Overall, we address social issues and interpersonal relationships, some in a more direct and straightforward manner, others through the use of metaphors.

Music and lyrics by Spitgod. Recording, mixing and mastering by Hugo Ferrão at Studio Lote 71. Band photo by João Neves. Attached you can see the artwork by Miguel, who also designed the band logo. Stay tuned, a first foretaste coming soon!


Telmo Cruz - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Beatriz Cruz - Drums, Backing Vocals


Death/Blackened Thrash/Punk Duo Spitgod Reveals New EP

Death/Blackened Thrash/Punk Duo Spitgod Reveals New EP


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