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EXXYLE Releases a Rearranged Version of the Eagles Classic “Desperado”

The country rock songwriter EXXYLE shared the cover of “Desperado”, the great Eagles classic included in the album of the same name published in 1973.

Watch the video on Exxyle’s YouTube channel!

Compared to the original song - an intimate confession based on piano, orchestrations and choirs - EXXYLE's version is more tied to the warm chords of country rock and the challenges of life. In fact, the artist declared:

Desperado is a deeply personal song to me. The original song by The Eagles is so vulnerable and intimate and is by all standards a legend in time. The song is about a the tendency to get swept up in seeking success, fame or fortune, always chasing the dream and forgetting the ones close to you, the people that matter most and really make your life worthwhile.

While we’re working so hard to achieve our goals, we forget what and who those goals are meant to serve and by the time we realize that the goal is empty in itself, we may have lost the people in our lives that made them worth living. True wealth is in sharing yourself completely with another. Everything that we work for is meant to support that, we are not meant to sacrifice the things that matter most in pursuit of success.

I’ve covered this song because it resonates with my very existence. I can only hope that my arrangement of it pays tribute to the original.

Born in South Africa, dwelling in England with a heart that belongs to Canada, Frank Loots - aka Exxyle - is a solo artist, writer, and producer, leaving only the mixing to an engineer and enlisting the terrific artistic talent of his wife to produce the album art. He rides his motorcycle whenever he can, hangs out with his dog, is an exceptional Domestic Support Engineer (aka housewife) and since June 2020 has left the 9 – 5 world behind to focus all his energy on cooking up some brutal tunes.

EXXYLE hails back to traditional hard rock and metal sounds, from the era when high gain guitars, pulsing drums and leather pants gave rise to music that is still iconic and relevant today. He is largely influenced by classic bands such as Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Aerosmith and then also modern metal monsters such as Stone Sour, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Stone Cherry, and Alter Bridge.

Exxyle is determined to send a message and to send it loud: your value is not determined by your function, you have been enslaved by a system that requires you to sell your life for the illusion of freedom and accomplishment. Remember what’s important to you and cherish it.

The song has been recorded in home studio, London UK. Written, recorded, and produced by Frank Loots (Exxyle). Vocal engineering, mixing and mastering by Terry Beckley.

“Desperado” is released via Exsilium Records Ltd and available on the following digital platforms:

EXXYLE Online:



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