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Stoner Doom Metal Band bunsenburner Announces Debut Album “poise”; Watch “Lights of Jupiter" Teaser!

Stoner Metal band bunsenburner announces its first LP, “poise”, which will be released on December 9 via bensnburner records. The album is the result of three days of recording in a full band setting without prior arrangements or later overdubs at huji maja Studios in Freiburg, Germany. Even as an experimental album, “poise” still succeeds at surprising listeners with the combination of Stoner Doom, Jazz, and Ambient elements. The ambient elements of “poise” will very quickly put the listener in a trance-like state. Listeners get a first taste of bunsenburner’s vibrant, uncompromisingly lush, and oftentimes jaw-droppingly surprising soundscapes with the band’s first single, “Lights of Jupiter”. The song highlights what has traditionally been the most important and impactful element in metal: the riff. The heavy riff carries the whole song, and a weeping guitar solo and a strong guitar ambiance make the song extremely memorable. Watch the one-minute teaser video of “Lights of Jupiter” on YouTube:

Pre-order the new album “poise”, stream/download “Lights of Jupiter” here:

Hailing from Freiburg, Germany, bensnburner started out as the one-man project of bassist and producer Ben Krahl in 2012. The project evolved into bunsenburner after Ben Krahl found himself amassing other like-minded world-class musicians. With the full line-up, he managed to tap into the most profound source of his vision and to fully obtain and convey the project’s essence in its grandest nature.

“poise” was recorded by Ben Krahl at huji maja Studios, Freiburg (Germany). Mixed by Ben Krahl, mastered by Ben Krahl and Konrad Dycke. The artwork was designed by Circlecirclemath (Josh Herrington).


Martin Fischer - Guitar

Flo Möbes - Guitar

Ben Krahl - Bass, 6-strings Bass, Synths

Philipp Schlotter - Guitar, Synths

Bene Abert - Guitar, Live Sampling, Special Effects

Norman Lonhard - Drums

bunsenburner Online: Website



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