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MICHAEL OSCILLATE Releases “Dislodge” Video; Album “Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence” Out Now!

The Austrian dark ambient artist MICHAEL OSCILLATE has released a new single taken from his the full-lengthHyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence – scheduled to be released on October 1st via Leafland Audio.

Watch the video for “Dislodge” on the artist’s YouTube channel!

The artist declared about the song:

We are near a momentous time - a point in time when time begins to renew itself, as it has always done. This goes hand in hand with ever-increasing omens, which are brought to us by Mother Earth at ever shorter intervals. They are like the birth pangs of a new life. The spiritual connection of humanity with the earth is now more essential than ever, because only it can let us become part of this birth.

Back with another full-length, MICHAEL OSCILLATE brings Chaos and Order together in his 8-track new album. Oscillate toes the line between melody and dissonance in an innovative display of talent and creativity, in what is perhaps his most complete project yet. The inspired choices of audio sampling make for an auditory experience that just about covers the entire spectrum of human emotion, in an album that is almost as philosophical as it is musical. The overall composition of this album is not unlike a “good life” itself; with moments of peace and moments of chaos and uncertainty that all combine to capture the beauty of our existence.

The album has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Bargen in his Leafland Audio studio. It is available in a digiPak edition limited to 100 copies, as well as streaming, and digital download. Grab your copy on

This is the tracklist for Hyperbolic Hypnosis of Luminescence:

1. Thermodynamic Redox (7:26)

2. Serpentine Winds (6:11)

3. Immunofluorescence (4:09)

4. DORgone (9:50)

5. Lonely Souls (2:09)

6. Murmurs (2:35)

7. Dislodge (4:22)

8. Cloud Condensation with Resonation (10:05)




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