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Italian Heavy Metal Band CROHM Releases New Video for “Make Your Bed And Lie In It” Off Upcoming Album “King of Nothing”!

Aosta Valley’s heavy metal band CROHM has released a new video dedicated to the song “Make Your Bed And Lie In It”, taken from the upcoming album “King of Nothing” out on May 3rd.

Watch the new video here!

Stream/download the song on

Just over two minutes are enough for CROHM to demonstrate the winning ingredients of its sound: solid and enjoyable riffs, melodic but never pandering choruses and a crazy desire to play at full speed!

“King of Nothing” ideally continues the band’s previous works in content. In fact, it moves into the territories of the soul, touching its most hidden corners, sometimes with a very intimate story, other times with a more collective narrative of the human soul. A dark journey through man's 'evil of living' and society's contradictions, tempered by moments of perceived joy and the desire not to give up hope. In terms of musical style, the album traverses many territories, from Heavy Metal to Thrash, touching on Progressive, sometimes winking at Hard Rock, thus triggering a reshuffling of the cards that makes CROHM's music peculiar, transversal to defined genres, emphasizing each time the sense of the soul's tale with an appropriate atmosphere. As with their previous work “Failure in the System” from 2020, the recording and editing of “King of Nothing” took place in an essentially 'live' mode in order to keep the overall sound real and warm, preferring it to perhaps more precise, but sometimes cold or artificial solutions.

Don’t miss this gem of pure heavy metal! Pre-order “King of Nothing” on Bandcamp:

CROHM Online:

Heavy Metal Band CROHM Releases New Video

Heavy Metal Band CROHM Releases New Video


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