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Los Angeles’ Heavy/Power/Alternative Metal Band KRONOWSKI Dropped the New Album "Ashes of Amber”; Watch the Video of “Clean”!

The Los Angeles-based heavy/power/alternative metal band KRONOWSKI released the new album “Ashes of Amber” on February 22nd. Don't miss it if you're a fan of Avenged Sevenfold, Sabaton, Mammoth WVH, System of a Down, and Lamb of God!

Watch the brand-new video of “Clean“:

Make “Ashes of Amber“ yours on Bandcamp:

Ranging from the heavy and aggressive track “Amber”, to the moody verses and sing-a-long chorus of lead single “Clean”, to a four part fifteen minute long epic closing suite, the album weaves through a myriad of influences while staying cemented by one guiding principle: well written, energetic heavy metal.

Stream/download “Ashes of Amber“ on

All songwriting, production, and performances on the album were done by the main member of the group Adam Kronowski, with lead guitar duties being rounded out by the formidable Tommy Lenzi. Dennis Ward (Helloween, Angra, Firewind) handled the mixing and Mika Jussila (Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Stratovarius) handled the mastering, making the album a world class experience from start to finish.

For those interested in the more heavy and aggressive side of the band, tracks like “Dead Man”, “The Gauntlet”, and “Amber” will be clear standouts, while those wanting a more melodic and rock leaning experience will surely love “Clean”, “Coming Home”, and “Part of the Plan”. And for those who want to adventure into more experimental territory, look no further than the reggaeton breakdown and mid section of “Jasmine” or the winding closing epic “What’s a Man to Do”. There’s something here for every heavy enthusiast.

“Ashes of Amber“ tracklist:

1. Clean

2. Amber

3. Jasmine

4. Time to Go

5. Dead Man

6. End of the World

7. Coming Home

8. Part of the Plan

9. Anything at All

10. The Gauntlet

11. Change You - Part I

12. What’s a Man to Do - Part II

13. The Way - Part III

14. On and On - Part IV


Adam Kronowski - Songwriting, Production, All Instruments, Vocals

Tommy Lenzi - Lead Guitar



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