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Germany’s Lo-Fi Astro Metal Project GALVORNHATHOL Releases the Video of “Pleiades” from the Upcoming EP “H-Alpha”!

German Lo-Fi Astro-Metal band GALVORNHATHOL gives fans another taste of its unique approach to metal with the video of “Pleiades”, second single from the upcoming EP “H-Alpha”. The EP will be released independently on February 21st.

The video showcases GALVORNHATHOL’s admiration of the cosmos with otherworldly imagery and vibrant colors. The song opens with an excerpt from one of the many translations/interpretations of the ‘Pleiades’ poem from Greek poet Sappho. The lyrics of “Pleiades” combine both ancient and modern perspectives of the cosmos by mentioning the archaic Gods governing the sky as well as the present-day scientific explanations for the natural phenomena of the universe.

Watch the video of “Pleiades” here:

Pre-order “H-Alpha” on Bandcamp:

“H-Alpha” is rich in catchy melodies while also capturing GALVORNHATHOL unique Lo-Fi atmosphere managing to become the unholy offspring of melodic death metal and raw black metal.The spiritual successor to its older brothers “I” and “II”, “H-Alpha” is not the third part in a planned trilogy, but a foreshadowing to what is to come. The first musical journey that takes to a higher ground, after “II” elevated the soul above the trees and the pastures that the debut “I” sang praise of. This time we journey to the stars, the nebulae and the spectrum of light that our eyes, as with so much around us, cannot see. But this is by no means a scientific digression, but merely a humble collection of poems trying to intertwine the metaphors of life with those of space.

Curiosity is what makes us human. Exploration is what makes us progress. And it is the things the naked eye doesn’t see that gets lost so easily though it carries the fragile filaments that make up our lives. The first spectral line in the Balmer series, with a wavelength of a wavelength of 656.281 nm (in air), H-Alpha is still not visible to the naked eye. Its emission can be observed from nebulae and maybe made visible with a dedicated filter. As it is often in life, going the full mile is the hardest and most rewarding of experiences to experience life to the fullest.

“H-Alpha” tracklist:

1. The Great Attractor

2. Virga

3. Novae

4. Pleiades

Founded in the earlier part of the 2000s and releasing the first public output around 2019, GALVORNHATHOL (a nature related mélange of words constructed from Tolkien’s “Sindarin” language) aims to take its listener on a journey through the self, our planet and far beyond. Developing a more focused sound from record to record, while still maintaining a handmade, rough approach to production. Wandering through hazy, atmospheric walls of delay and growling guitars. Carried by ethereal pads and a voice more fragile, harsh and human than we allow ourselves to be at times.

“H-Alpha” was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by C. The artwork was also made by C.


C. - Everything



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