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ASHES FOR THE MUTE Unleashes The New Album “Celestial Revelations”; Full Streaming Available

The US Black Metal outfit ASHES FOR THE MUTE is excited to announce that his new full-length Celestial Revelations is finally out via Reaping Scythe Records and Habilis Tapes.The album is available in full streaming on the band's YouTube channel:

With Celestial Revelations the band catapults you into the deepest space, in search of the most hidden and intangible truths. The blend of Black and Death Metal provided by the Denver quartet turns out to be more and more intriguing as you proceed with listening, supported by a particular taste for groove given by the voice of the charismatic leader Jacob St. Amand and by the guitar of Donovan Parran.

ASHES FOR THE MUTE was formed in 2017 by Jacob St. Amand as a one-man Doom Metal project when he was living in Athens, GA. After moving the project to Denver, CO in 2018, the demo The Pantheist was released marking a shift towards a more blackened sound. Shortly after the release of The Pantheist, the band was joined by Donovan Parran (Guitar), David Aspesi (Bass), and Spy (Drums) allowing the band to perform live for the first time. Last year the band composed, recorded and completed his first full-length album Celestial Revelations. With tighter songwriting and more polished production Celestial Revelationsprovides an intriguing blend of Black and Death Metal, paying homage to both genres but remaining confined to none.

Celestial Revelations has been recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Jacob St. Amand at the Shadow Temple. The artwork is by Jerianne Fulton.

Celestial Revelations is available on:


Jacob St. Amand – Guitars, Vocals

Donovan Parran – Guitars

David Aspesi – Bass

Spy – Drums


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