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ARMY OF PRIMITIVES AND DJURI BOOT: Release Single & Official Video for “Rise Against The Giant”!

ARMY OF PRIMITIVES is the Symphonic Black Metal project of Titus Paar, better known as director of the Nr. 1 NETFLIX US Openers movie “The Perfect Weapon“ starring Steven Seagal in the main role.

The project has released the first single, entitled “Rise of The Giant“, together with a stunning official video. In this song Titus Paar cooperates with Djuri Boot, a film composer with a strong background in metal music. He has provided music for feature films and commercials. His style has always been based on epic metal and this is the first step towards collaborating with Army of Primitives to create a new style of metal music based on epic film scores and film stories.

Watch the official video here!

Stream/download “Rise of The Giant” on

ARMY OF PRIMITIVES and Djuri Boot share love for epic film scores and cinematic black metal music of the 90s, so they wanted to explore how the worlds of film and metal can meet in new ways.

The result is a journey in which we follow a tribe of cavemen as they gather the day before hunting down a giant female T-Rex that has been plaguing their snowy land.

The production value of this video is over the top, even featuring dinosaurs from the ILM team that made Jurassic World and VFX legend Andreas Feix. An all-star cast including Magnus Samuelsson (Strong Man winner), Andreas Rylander (Star Wars), and Urban Bergsten (Viking film legend).

The song will be a theme to Paar's upcoming dinosaurs VS cavemen film WE HUNT GIANTS. It's fun to have a black metal song as part of a major film, written and performed by the director himself in his unique voice. Djuri Boot's talent really shines through on this track as he played all the instruments himself and spent months perfecting this track into a journey, a storyline and a new sound never heard before in this genre.

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