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Alternative Metal Band ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY'S LIFE Stages a Nightmarish Journey with New Song & Video “Hit (The Sky) And Run”!

Florence-based alternative metal quartet ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY’S LIFE is excited to release a new single, entitled “Hit (The Sky) And Run”, accompanied by an official video. Fans of Deftones will be delighted by this new song from ATSL, rich of unstoppable rhythm, rap phrasing and a melodic screaming with unforgettable guitar and bass parts.

Watch the video of “Hit (The Sky) And Run” here:

Stream/download the song on

The band stated about the new track:

It’s a nightmarish journey, a simple pattern that changes its intensity, with the roaming sound of an airplane’s engine on fire: it does not move, it explodes; it does not land, it falls. Thanks to one thing everything burns, everything’s reborn: Music.

ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY’S LIFE is an anthem of radical change to a vital reset. It arises from the survival instinct of 4 individuals who had set aside music and are now grabbed by the hair and pulled back into it. Because passion is a flame that cannot be tamed; it may dwindle almost to extinction, lie dormant, but ultimately, it reignites and burns again!

“Hit (The Sky) And Run” was recorded and mixed at Grs. Mastered by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound studios.


Ruth Maddison - Vocals, Guitar

Edoardo Battistini - Guitar

Leonardo Santoni - Bass

Jep Munk - Drums



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