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Alternative Gothic Metaller KAHRMALIA Reveals Details of Debut LP “Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia"!

After releasing the cover of A-ha’s “Here I Stand And Face The Rain” and the latest single “Mysteria”, the Parma-based alternative gothic metaller KAHRMALIA is proud to announce that his debut album will be entitled “Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia” and it will be released on May 12!

During a journey made of 9 tracks for almost 40 minutes of playing time, KAHRMALIA portrays the different facets of that prism called Darkness. Struggles, inner fragility and buried memories are narrated in a melancholy tone, aware that the discovery of our "dark side" is an obligatory step towards full awareness of the Self. However, “Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia” is not only a photograph about the complexity of our dark side, but mostly is a story of redemption. It is a journey in which one passes from Darkness to Light, from Heaviness to Lightness, from Flesh to Spirit. Because by opening the door that ends our lives, each of us will find Peace.

“Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Audiocore Studio. Enclosed you can see the artwork created by Ludovico Cioffi. The album, available on the main digital platforms, will be ideal for fans of Katatonia, Anathema, Him, and Lacuna Coil.

This is the official tracklist of “Misanthropic Euphoric Essentia”:

1. Catharsis

2. With My Demons

3. Getting The Truth

4. Mysteria

5. Alone

6. Someone Is Next To You

7. I Will Flow

8. Behind

9. Here I Stand And Face The Rain (A-ha Cover)

Watch KAHRMALIA videos on YouTube:


Gabriel Cavazzini - Composer, All Instruments, Vocals, Lyrics

Gabriel Cavazzini proudly endorses MLD Madrigali Guitars.




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