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CARSON Releases New Album “The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance”; Stream Single "Outbound Tide"!

The time has come! The stoner rock trio CARSON has finally released its new album “The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance” - available as CD, LP, and digital via Sixteentimes Music! The new single "Outbound Tide" is available on all the main digital platforms as below:

Two videos are also online, watch them NOW!

CARSON is an energetic psychedelic stoner rock ‘n roll trio from Lucerne, originally formed in New Zealand. The band has existed in its current line-up since 2012. They are known for their distinctive musical style and captivating, energetic live shows with a strong stage presence.

The band has released two EPs and one full-length album so far and played various shows all over Europe (including European tour with the American band Karma to Burn, Up in Smoke Festival, Openair am Bielersee, Stonerhead Festival in Salzburg). If you are a fan of Queens of the Stone Age and Vista Chino – this is the album for you!

The album has been mixed by Benjamin Schoenacker at Redhouse Studios, and mastered by Dan Suter from Echochamber.

Grab your copy on the Sixteentimes Music Shop:

Track listing:

1. Dirty Dream Maker

2. The Last Laugh

3. Siren

4. Gimmie

5 Too Far

6 No Joy

7 The Wilful Pursuit of Ignorance

8 Outbound Tide


Kieran Mortimer-Jones – Vocals, Guitar

Elina Willener – Bass

Jan Kurmann – Drums

CARSON Online:



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