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Spotify Fake Playlists: Useful Tips & Case Studies Pt. 2

Recently I wrote an article to provide a set of basic information to the artists, so they can easily recognize and avoid fake playlists on Spotify (you can read the article HERE).

I wanna thank everyone that took a couple of minutes to read it, and also those who commented or wrote me privately on social networks.

Metal music industry is a jungle, so it is nice to be useful in some way :)

Here is a new bunch of playlists to check together and to see why they should be avoided. Let's start!

Case-study 1: Tunes of Metal

This account has no profile picture first of all, so this element should be already enough to stay far from it. The account does not have any follower, but his "Metalcore" playlist has over 17000 followers. What is very strange is that this playlist is not public, so how it can provide streams if it is not available for the listeners? Last but not least, only 4-5 bands among 34 are known, so how this playlist can be followed by more than 17000 followers, it is a true mistery.

Case-study 2: EC

Also this account has no profile picture, but in return it has 52 followers. Their "Brutal Deathcore" playlist has a cover, but it is hard to understand how a playlister with 52 followers managed to have a playlist with almost 11000 followers. Furthermore, this is the playlister's IG account..I think that it speaks for itself:

Case-study 3: Harder Escalation

This playlist has + 20000 followers, but the playlister's account just 39 followers. The playlist has only underground bands, so it is very hard to understand how 20000 followers became its fans by listening to mostly underground (therefore, unknown) acts.

Case-study 4: Travis


This curator has two playlists called "Metal and Grunge Monster Hits" and "Power Rock", with approx. 18000 and 19000 followers respectively. This is highly suspicious and shows that the playlister may have bought packages with the same number of bots. The fact that these playlists have a lot of followers, while the playlister's account has just 40, must be a clear signal to avoid it.

Once again I thank you for the attention. Feel free to comment here below, on Facebook, or on Instagram (all links below).

Recently I wrote another article with tips about how to approach a metal or rock PR agency. You find it here:

If you wish to pitch one track on Spotify playlists, feel free to drop us an email to



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