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PARALLEL MINDS: Watch “Provider Of Sins” & “No Fate” Videos; New Album “Echoes From Afar" on Stores

The French heavy / progressive metal band PARALLEL MINDS has released its latest LP “Echoes From Afar” on March 18 via M&O Music. A refined musical experience is waiting for you through the 10 tracks of the album, where high-class songwriting, epicity, sci-fi, and emotions coexist.

Watch two of the videos taken from the album!

Composed by Stéphane Fradet (Vocals), Grégory Giraudo (Guitars and Bass) and Eric Mannella (Drums), PARALLEL MINDS releases its third LP and shows the qualities that any band needs to reach the top: a conception of metal music without borders, and the ability to create songs that do not end with the first listen, but that reveal their richness little by little. So it is no coincidence that the band names Symphony X, Nevermore, and Blind Guardian as tutelary gods!

The album was written by Greg Giraudo, Stéphane Fradet & Eric Mannella. Recording and mixing by Gregory Giraudo, mastering by Audio Animals, London (UK). Enclosed you can see the artwork by Stéphane Fradet.

“Echoes From Afar” is available as digipak, streaming and download on the following digital platforms – make it yours!


01. Feel the Force

02. No Fate

03. Angel's Battle

04. Stay

05. Monkey on my Back

06. The Hiding Place

07. Our Last Resort

08. Mythic River

09. Provider of Sins

10. The Greater Gift




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