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NIGHTWRAITH Shares “Hedonic Adaptation” Video; Album “Offering” March 25 via Reaping Scythe Records

The US melodic death metal outfit NIGHTWRAITH has shared an official video for the song “Hedonic Adaptation”. The track is taken from the new full-length Offering, set to be released on March 25 via Reaping Scythe Records.

Watch the video on the label’s YouTube channel!

NIGHTWRAITH is a band from Denver, CO that explores the genre with an eclectic and intuitive approach. Their music encompasses poignant themes: seeking the sublime in nature, being genuine in a deceptive world, and living with the idea of death—concepts that unite us all as people. Using haunting melodies and triumphant anthems, the band offers listeners a sonic pilgrimage into the heart of being human.

Pulling inspiration from a wide array of bands and genres, NIGHTWRAITH has been sonically refined into something truly unique. "It's like we took all the heavy parts from bands like Carcass, and Enslaved, and combined it with the warmth of classic bands like Thin Lizzy, and Blue Oyster Cult", explains Ben. "It has been really fun inserting rock guitar and organ tones into a genre that typically avoids these types of sounds."

Additionally, the songwriting on Offering is deliberate, concise, and thoughtful, while remaining heavy enough to please the death metal audience for which it was intended. As NIGHTWRAITH continues to evolve, it is clear that their ambitions are soon to pay off. Offering is expressive, inventive, joyful, sorrowful, and will certainly inspire its listeners.

Music and lyrics are by Benjamin Pitts and NightWraith. Album engineered, mixed, and produced by Jacob St Amand. All instruments tracked at The Shadow Temple in Denver (CO), August - October 2021. Mastered to 1/2" Tape by Pete deBoer at World Famous Studios. Artwork by Jerianne Fulton. Guest Vocals on "The Snake and the Rope" by Grant Netzorg.

The album is available for pre-order as jewel case, 180g color vynil, and cassette on, while on Amazon you can pre-order in digital version.

Offering tracklist:

1. Offering (1:53)

2. Hedonic Adaptation (6:23)

3. Beguiler (6:44)

4. Genesthai (6:02)

5. The Great Acceleration (4:56)

6. Shavano (6:25)

7. Maranasati (4:27)

8. The Snake and the Rope (6:12)


Benjamin Pitts - Vocals, Guitar

Igor Panasewicz - Guitar

Caleb Tardio - Keyboards

Jerry Hilger - Bass

Isidro ‘Spy’ Soto - Drums




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