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Modern Metallers BRIDGE OF SOULS Releases “The Greatest Silence” Lyric Video From New Album "Iris"!

French modern metalcore merchants BRIDGE OF SOULS release their newest single, “The Greatest Silence”, featuring Maxime Keller (Dvne, Déluge, No Season, Tess, I ii I, Boars, ex-Smash Hit Combo) from their upcoming full-length “Iris” which will be released on September 30. Watch the lyric video of “The Greatest Silence”:

The band’s latest collective effort, “The Greatest Silence”, on a superficial level, deals with leaving the world behind. However, on a more philosophical note, the band explores the otherworldly level of loneliness and grief that humanity would feel after destroying and leaving the planet. BRIDGE OF SOULS incorporates feelings of cosmic grief using metal riffing and songwriting while also adding haunting, ethereal, and melancholic vocal lines on top of everything else.

“The Greatest Silence” is only a taste of what BRIDGE OF SOULS has to offer from their upcoming album “Iris”. The record took a year and a half to be finished, with a desire to go further in the songwriting and to shake up the bases established with their previous EP, “Overcome”. With nine tracks and a running time of a little over 30 minutes, “Iris” features more technical guitars, more drums, and an overall more different sound compared to previous releases. It encompasses all the ingredients needed for a full modern metal album.

Hailing from Nancy, France, BRIDGE OF SOULS has a history of sharing the stage with Los Disidents Del Sucio Motel, Dudes of Groove Society, and Pvlsar. To create rich and varied music, the band utilizes sharp guitars, powerful drums and bass, a beautiful keyboard ambiance, and the diversity and quality of the singers to create a perfect mix of modern metal. “Iris” was recorded by Maxime Keller, mixed and mastered by Anthony Chognard at CHS Prod. The artwork was designed by Le Jardin d’Enola – Loane Chulevitch.

Pre-order the album: “Iris” tracklist: 1. Iris (3:24)

2. Great Escape (3:28)

3. Jail (4:03)

4. The Greatest Silence (feat. Maxime Keller) (4:22)

5. Ante Finem (2:09)

6. Sanctuary (3:32)

7. Perfect Storm (4:36)

8. Half Alive (4:15)

9. Legacy (feat. Caroline Mangeon) (3:41)


Jeremy - Vocals

Sebastien - Guitar

Thomas - Guitar

John - Bass

Lucas - Drums




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