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LORD DRUNKALOT premieres new album "Heads & Spirits" & “Witchfucker” video on Outlaws of the Sun

Croatia’s LORD DRUNKALOT will be unveiling their debut album Heads & Spirits via label Planet K Records on April 20, 2021.

Old-school metal hermits, LORD DRUNKALOT explore the vast psychedelic wastelands of heavy music thanks to massive riffs, catchy epic passages, aggressive vocals, and grungy choruses. Hailing from the gothic town of Zagreb these stoned Slavic boozers play sludgy heavy metal doom with a groovy 60s vibe and a touch of thrash in the name of Old Pagan Gods of distortion and moonshine from hell.

Today, the band is sharing the music video for their single “Witchfucker” - exclusive premiere by Outlaws of the Sun.

The video can be viewed via Planet K Records’ YouTube channel –

Digital download and jewel cases available at the following link: Fans of bands such as Electric Wizard, Manilla Road, Pentagram, Orange Goblin, and Spirit Caravan will be intrigued to enter the undiscovered metal terrain that LORD DRUNKALOT is offering up.

LORD DRUNKALOT consists of:

Ganjalf The Black aka Narkobuddha (Guitars, Vocals)

Ratimir Nebozemlja (Bass)

Party Barbarian aka Alkobuddha (Drums) Track Listing: 1. 2+2=3 (5:32) 2. Sun Demons (5:10) 3. Heads & Spirits (9:42) 4. Blåkulla (8:05) 5. Age of Aqualion (7:09) 6. Witchfucker (4:51) LORD DRUNKALOT Online:



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