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KOUTA Releases the Debut EP “Aarnihauta”!

The time has come! The Finnish black / folk metal outfit KOUTA has finally released his debut EP Aarnihauta!

The record is inspired by the old Nordic lore and myths, combined with the malign nature of the northern forests and the iniquity of being human. The myth of the malevolent being Kouta is at the heart of the group’s music.

Aarnihauta combines black and folk metal, bringing forth the dark and hopeless atmosphere of Nordic nature. Thematically the EP tells of the appearance of the mythological being Kouta, whose malevolence brings judgment and despair upon the treacherous mankind.

The band has stated:

Our first EP introduces the band's passion for black metal, adding elements of folk as well as heavier rock into the mix. Our northern roots of the band are meant to be seen and heard, both musically and thematically. The EP’s purpose is to lay the groundwork for a wide variety of modern black metal to come. KOUTA’s first full-length album recording took place in February 2022. With the first EP out and a second one coming, we expect to start playing live shows as early as the spring of 2022. The full-length is meant to be released somewhere at the end of 2022, together with an array of live-shows.

Follow KOUTA on tour!

26.3. Sykäräisen Pakanajuhla

2.4. Jyväskylä, Ilokivi (The Backstabbers + Atomic Annie + Terromania)

9.4. Tampere, Varjobaari (Vetten Äpärät + The Lifted Veil)

18.8. Helsinki, On The Rocks (Black Crucifixion + Havukruunu)

20.8. Kotka, Haukka Music Bar (Black Crucifixion + Havukruunu)

27.8. Kittilä, Solekko fest

Watch “Maanviha” video:

The EP has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pekka Posio. Enclosed you can see the artwork by Juuso Voutilainen & Antti Mäki.

Stream/download Aarnihauta on:


1. Mårran (2:26)

2. Aarnihauta (4:22)

3. Maanviha (5:30)


Antti Mäki - Vocals

Eemeli Haarala - Guitar

Lauri Törmä - Guitar, Clean Vocals

Arttu Pentikäinen - Bass, Clean Vocals

Ville Vitikka - Drums

KOUTA Online:



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