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KAS Released the Debut Album “The Problem of Evil”!

The Norwegian post / avantgarde / atmospheric black metal project KAS is excited to announce that his debut full-length The Problem of Evil is finally released today!

The Problem of Evil is the debut solo album from In the Woods... guitar player Kåre André Sletteberg. Based in Kristiansand, Norway, the guitarist, songwriter, and producer has gathered some of his most treasured friends to record The Problem of Evil, a six song epic with involvement from members of Green Carnation, Blot, and Arvas. The album takes you on a trip through love, anger, hate, mistrust and grief, and takes musical roots in a doomy, atmospheric black metal with elements of a hard rock past.

The Problem of Evil is a philosophical question, and it does not say that God doesn’t exist or that he is a fraud.. it’s a simple question that basically has no answer. You can’t prove your answer, no matter what you say. Does God exist, or does he not exist? You simply can’t say yes or no.

Recorded in the abyss of the pandemic, technology comes in handy, and The Problem of Evil was recorded in homes all around the world. Kåre mixed and mastered the whole album by himself.

The Problem of Evil is available on the following platforms:

This is the full line-up that supported the project:

Kåre André Sletteberg (In The Woods.. - All Guitars, Bass (except 1,3), Vocals (4), Synthesizer, keyboards)

Hector Montero (Nocturnal Call – all drums, keys, synths)

Willie Rene Skåtun or V-Rex (Arvas - vocals on track 2, 6) Kjetil Nordhus (Green Carnation - vocals on track 3)

Stein Roger Sordal (Green Carnation - bass on track 3)

Jan Åge Lindeland (Blot, Mental Disaster - vocals on track 1, 4)

Alex Weisbeek (Desolate Fields - bass on track 1)

Caroline Salmona (violin on track 3)

Giuseppe Taormina (ambience on track 1)

James Fox (vocal acoustic parts on track 5)

KAS Online:



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