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JONATHAN YOUNG: Releases The New Album “Children of Night”, Drops New Video for “Drinking Blood”!

The heavy/viking metal artist and YouTube star JONATHAN YOUNG has released the new album “Children of Night” via Judge and Jury Records, the label founded by the Grammy-winning producer Howard Benson and Three Days Grace’s drummer Neil Sanderson!

“Children of Night” is composed of 12 tracks and enriched by the performances of great guests like Matthew K. Heafy (TRIVIUM, IBARAKI), Barry Stock (THREE DAYS GRACE), Caleb Hyles, Colm R. McGuinness, Lauren Babic, and RichaadEB.

In order to celebrate the great event, JONATHAN YOUNG has released a new video for the track #7, entitled “Drinking Blood”. Watch it below!

An imposing castle is the theater for "Drinking Blood", a song whose strong points are its epic nature and sense of rhythm. Once again, JONATHAN YOUNG releases his immense energy and encourages each of us to be protagonists of that epic adventure called Life! If you love bands like Sabaton, Ghost, Three Days Grace, Evanescence, and Bring Me The Horizon“Children of Night” is the album for you!

Grab your vinyl or digipak of “Children of Night” on

Alternatively, stream/download the album here:

“Children of Night” is Jonathan Young’s first full length project with Judge and Jury Records and features a wide range of musical talent from heavy metal to Irish folk music. With each song incredibly unique, this thematic and powerful project makes listeners feel as if they are the hero of their own fantastical journey.

Jonathan Young is a new breed of musician. Taking the internet by storm since 2014 with his dark & deep ‘villain’ voice - writing, producing & playing every instrument himself, and leading a new generation into a fantasy world of epic & cinematic heavy metal - one viral video at a time. While rising to self-made success online, Jonathan flexed his writing & production muscles with the release of “Starship Velociraptor” in 2021 - an 11-song heavy metal fantasy space opera that fans embraced as a tour-de-force of his creativity. Attracting the attention of Grammy-winning producer Howard Benson & record breaking songwriter & drummer Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace, Jonathan Young now co-produces music alongside them as a member of their world-renowned production team at Judge & Jury Records - including his upcoming original album, “Children of Night”.

This is the official tracklist of “Children of Night”:

1. Eye of The Storm

2. God of Greed (feat. Lauren Babic, RichaadEB)

3. Oceangrave

4. Children of Night (feat. Barry Stock, Three Days Grace)

5. Wolf Within (feat. Caleb Hyles)

6. Witch Hunter

7. Drinking Blood

8. Fight The Tide (feat. Colm R. McGuinness)

9. Army of The Damned (feat. Matthew K. Heafy)

10. Why Keep Heaven Waiting

11. Battlecry (feat. Kala)

12. Speak to The Dead





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