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Industrial Metal Project BINARY ORDER Announces LP “Messages From The Deep”; Watch "Violence" Video!

London-based Industrial Metal project BINARY ORDER is glad to announce its new LP, “Messages From The Deep”, which will be released on November 29. The album delivers ten tracks of brutal industrial metal, sprawling cinematic electronics, and atmospheric laced ambience. It is a collection of songs drenched in anxiety, isolation, and anger. Birthed from a fear of the future, while existing in a present that feels foreign and cold.

In order to get a first taste of the new album, watch the video for the single “Violence”:

Heavily inspired both by the likes of cyberpunk and sci-fi (such as Dune, Akira, Blade Runner, Total Recall, Deus Ex, Judge Dredd etc) in its presentation, themes and aesthetic, “Messages From the Deep” is also a look at both the prevalent social and political unrest in modern society and the warning signs we are continuing to ignore.

“Messages From The Deep” has been recorded, mixed, and mastered by the mastermind Benjamin Blank in his home studio. Benjamin Blank also created the artwork that you find enclosed.

Pre-order the new album “Messages From The Deep” on Bandcamp:

“Messages From The Deep” tracklist:

1. Sick (5:05)

2. The Weight (4:36)

3. Violence (4:21)

4. The Hands of Time (4:16)

5. Towards the End (4:53)

6. Parasite (4:43)

7. My Own Mortality (6:25)

8. Still Water (5:35)

9. Messages From the Deep (7:39)

10. A Good Death (5:41)




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