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HILLTOPS ARE FOR DREAMERS: Released The New Single & Video “Hyacinth”!

London-based metal band HILLTOPS ARE FOR DREAMERS is excited to reveal that a new single, entitled “Hyacinth”, is now available on the main digital platforms via Hilltops Recordings. The song will be included in a new EP entitled “The Tragedy of Being Human”, more details of which will be revealed soon.

Watch the video of “Hyacinth” here:

Stream/download the song on Bandcamp:

or on the main digital platforms:

The band has stated about the song meaning:

Hyacinth is a short-lived flower; it blooms in spring and probably lasts only three to four years. It’s the short path of life, the narrow middle part of the hourglass where the sand passes through before it settles. A more up-tempo song with a blackened/death approach on guitar riffing but melodic vocals as a lead. Couple of Opeth references with clean guitars at parts and a catchy chorus to accompany it.

HILLTOPS ARE FOR DREAMERS is an ambitious metal project that features a sound with goth and prog atmospheres. The goal is to create influential music following the vision of a no-boundaries-physical or not-world where people connect with sounds and emotions.

Since 2018, the band has managed to self-release their first ‘self-titled’ EP (January 2020) in digital format, receiving a number of positive reviews, including Metal Hammer, Greece (07/10). Mainly focused on a post-hardcore direction, the EP has successfully blended early ‘00s metalcore elements with blues licks and catchy melodies. During the first Covid-19 lockdown, the band released the split digital EP ‘A Transition’ (July 2020) with the fellow Repent For Joy, pushing their music a step further. That release has been accompanied with a music video for the song ‘The Tide’, featuring Michael Enger, who also did the vocals in the debut album. Their first full length record, ‘In Disbelief’, released by Rockshots Records in March 2022, achieving acclaimed success and positive reviews - Rock Hard, Italy (8,5/10) and Metal Hammer, Greece (08/10) - with a worldwide distribution in physical and digital format. The album was a world of extremes and vastly different to the band’s musical past. It blended black metal with acoustic blues melodies, while flirting with progressive structures and heavy riffing, explored electronic and cinematic paths, but often visited post-hardcore roots. The band crowd-funded a part of the album and also invested on an animated music video to support the first single ‘Revival’.

Enclosed you may see the beautiful artwork of “Hyacinth”, created by Vasilis Papageorgakopoulos (By Thames Photography Project). The band photo is by Chrysa Papageorgakopoulou.


Vasilis Papageorgakopoulos - Guitars, Keys, Programming

Fernando Guerrero - Drums

Sam Sanassee - Vocals

George Kostaras - Bass



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