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Guitar Hero MORGAN REID Releases Single “A Formless Icon” Inspired by the Creation of Legends

After touring several times in Canada, Japan, Europe and appearing at massive festivals like Hellfest, Bloodstock, Hammerfest, and Metaldays, it’s time for Bloodshot Dawn’s MORGAN REID for a new fight! The Canadian guitarist, composer and producer, known for his fierce technical shredding, slamming riffs, bombastic windmills and his expressive, melodic lead lines, has today released his debut single “A Formless Icon”, taken from the album “Terran” set to be released later this year.

Watch “A Formless Icon” video on the artist’s YouTube channel!

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“A Formless Icon” is an instrumental metal opus, a blazing feat of guitar wizardry inspired by modern epics. Morgan has asked himself questions like: How do historical figures rise and fall? How does one become a legend? Are icons made or are they born? A rollercoaster of emotion, a relentless will. Through the often pummeling intensity Morgan invites you to take in the music, appreciate it's pacing, and test the waters of his newfound musical terrain!

The song is an uptempo progressive metal instrumental track with an emphasis on shred guitar, soaring melodies and groove. This track draws from classical influences in its arrangement and merges a dark modern metal sound with epic melodies and virtuosic guitar solos.

“A Formless Icon” has been performed, written, produced, and mixed by Morgan Reid, mastered by Alan Sacha Laskow. Additional drum performance by Florian Schwalbe. Artwork is created by Morgan Reid using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artist Algorithm called “Midjourney”.

The artist has been supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal German Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

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Born in Toronto, Canada on July 12, 1989, Reid participated in multiple guitar competitions throughout the 2010's. He made it to the top 5 of Per Nilsson's Guitar Messenger Contest in 2013, with none other than Plini. After about 6 years of playing, he garnered praise for his progressive metal composition "Almost Infamous" at Guitar Idol 4 in London (2014). He soon followed up with his instrumental technical death metal composition "Trust Was A Knife". Especially written for the JTC solo competition in 2015, it brought him all the way to the top 10.

Reid joined the UK based, melodic/technical death metal outfit Bloodshot Dawn in the summer of 2015, after guitarist Benjamin Ellis departed to Scar Symmetry. He contributed to the songwriting of band’s 2018 album “Reanimation” and jumped on tours with the likes of Decapitated, Virvum, Fleshgod Apocalyse and Taake.

Morgan has taken it upon himself to produce his music from the ground up and has been working in his studio for the past 4 years. Learning modern metal production, honing his arrangement skills and developing as a songwriter with something unique to share. “A Formless Icon” is the first single from Reid’s solo album “Terran” set to be released later this year.



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