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Greek Stoner Rock / Doom Metal Act THE SAME RIVER Releases The New Album “Weight of the World”!

What a great day today! The new revelation of stoner rock / doom THE SAME RIVER has finally released the new full-length “Weight of the World”!

Stream the album in its entirety on the 666Mr.Doom YouTube channel and, if you like it, grab your copy on the store of Electric Talon Records or Sliptrick Records – links below!

Electric Talon Records Shop (CD & Cassette, Americas)

Sliptrick Records Store (CD & Vinyl, Europe, Digital Distribution Worldwide)

You can also stream/download on the following digital platforms:

THE SAME RIVER is a band from Athens. From the first day, they focused on writing songs that could deliver the band's vision of this world - a lust for life and passion for making music.

The album “Weight of the World” features eight brand-new songs for a running time of almost 52 minutes, embodying the band’s love for heavy, rock-influenced psychedelic music. Lyrically, it carries the band's philosophical concerns about the decadence of human society filtered through the fears of an unknown world after this pandemic ends. Heraclitus, Albert Camus, Sigmund Freud and many mythological aspects of our heritage (with a deeper meaning), such as Sisyphus and Prometheus, blend in a way and fulfills in rhymes what their vision for this world is about; solidarity, peace and understanding.

“Weight of the World” tracklist:

1. Crossing the Rubicon (06:07)

2. The Oath of a Fire Bringer (05:10)

3. Voyage\\The Great Sea (05:03)

4. Weight of the World (06:03)

5. The Bounds of a Fire Bringer (04:21)

6. Remains of the Holy (05:27)

7. The Same River (04:17)

8. We the People\\No Friends, but the Mountains (08:30)

9. Blow Your Trumpet (6:51) – Digital Bonus Track


Music by The Same River. Lyrics by Diamond Pr.

Recording: George Filikozis (Bass Guitar, Drums) at Bombing the Avenue Studio in Athens. Manos Koutsakis (Guitars, Synths, Percussions) at Diagogi Kosmia Studio in Athens. Diamond Pr (Vocals) at House of Stone Studio in Athens.

Produced by Diamond Pr, co-produced by Nikos Trialonis. Mixed by Nikos Trialonis at Goblin's Lair Studio in Heraklion (Crete, Greece), mastered by Yiannis Christodoulatos and Dimitris Papadimitriou at Sweetspot Productions in Athens.

Art Direction & Illustration by Dimitrios Schoinarakis (Reference Artwork by Maurilio Barreto).


Diamond PR - Vocals, Guitars, Synths

Theodore Ntilgeris - Guitars

Dimitris Georgopoulos - Bass

Fivos Katsifloros - Drums, Percussion




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