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EXXYLE Releases his own adaptation of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' ''Red Right Hand''

Today the UK-based (South-African born) rock songwriter EXXYLE has released his own version of the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ classic “Red Right Hand” via Exsilium Records Ltd. The song - available as digital download, streaming, and video broadcast on YouTube – has been recorded in the artist’s home studio in London, mixed, and mastered by Terry Beckley.

EXXYLE has stated what the man with the red right hand means to him:

To me, he represents the little sellouts that we commit each day, giving up liberties, strength, independence and personal and social responsibility for the promise of safety, security, comfort and plenty. We make those deals, shake the hand and become surrounded with meaningless things to distract from the emptiness growing inside.

The man with the red right hand is neatly positioned to offer fulfilment…at a price. It’s the offer that comes appearing friendly, helpful, mindful and genuinely concerned. It’s the well cultivated smile on the face a money lender, it’s the bold and confident words pouring from the politician’s mouth. He takes from you the things you only realise the value of when they’re no longer yours.

The artist has explained how the process of getting licensed for this track was hard:

The publishers of the original work refused to license my version, directing me to make a straight cover or nothing at all as they can’t sanction the change in lyrics. This kind of shows exactly the result of giving your power to another as I’m sure if the original artist was consulted I would have had no friction in releasing my “sequel”. However, things being what they are, I’ve re-tracked the vocals with the original lyrics (minus a verse). The song has a powerful message which should be digested, no matter how it’s articulated. For the time being, my little “sequel” shall rest quietly in a folder until, maybe one day, it can come out to play too.

“Red Right Hand” is available on:

EXXYLE Online:



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