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Denmark's Heavy Rockers THE KILLERHERTZ Reveal Details of New Album “Starburst”!

After conquering visibility on Spotify and YouTube, it’s time for the Danish heavy rock band THE KILLERHERTZ to announce new crunchy details about the upcoming album “Starburst”, set to be released on October 7!

The album will feature 10 songs for over 34 minutes playing time. It will be available in the formats CD jewel case, streaming and digital download.

The fourth release from the Kastrup-based power trio is almost on the brink of being a concept album, namely due to the storyline, which circles a person’s restorative journey through an existential change. From losing all sense of direction, to rediscovering the central point of living, is the main concept behind “Starburst”. The album is heavier and shows a wider musically variation and expression than previous releases – fans of Metallica of the 90s and Volbeat will be amazed from it!

“Starburst” was recorded at Earplug Studios, mixed and mastered by Nicklas Sonne at Sonne Studios. Enclosed you can see the artwork, while below you find the definitive tracklist. Pre-order at

“Starburst” tracklist:

1. The Wait For Closure

2. The Deceiver

3. Dying Beliefs

4. Chasing Ghosts

5. Caught By None

6. My Revolution

7. Conceal It

8. Hyphothetical Thoughts

9. Sjæl i Flammer

10. Distant Thunder


Thomas Trold - Guitar and Vocals

Jakob Nielsen - Bass

Kent KillerHertz - Drums




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