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Death/Doom THE CHAPTER Releases New Album “Delusion of Consciousness”; Watch "Compos Mentis" Video!

What a day today! Portuguese death/doom outfit THE CHAPTER releases the new album “Delusion of Consciousness”! In order to celebrate the great event, watch the new video for “Compos Mentis” available HERE!

“Delusion of Consciousness” consists of 9 tracks for a duration of 46 minutes, where the band unleashes the melancholic beauty of its sound. Be ready for monolithic riffs, unrelenting rhythms, and well-arranged melodies! If you are a fan of Opeth, Katatonia, and Swallow the Sun – this album will make you excited!

The powerful sound has been secured by the producer Daniel Cardoso (ANATHEMA, ANGELUS APATRIDA, AVA INFERI) who took care of the recording, mixing, and mastering at Ohme Studios. Enclosed you can see the beautiful artwork by João Gomes.

Grab your copy of “Delusion of Consciousness” on Bandcamp!

Track listing:

1. Intro (01:24)

2. Halocline (05:23)

3. Delusion of Consciousness (04:50)

4. Book of Life (06:09)

5. Compos Mentis (05:20)

6. Sentidos a Morrer (05:21)

7. Vultures (05:39)

8. In This Place (05:53)

9. Social Solitude (07:24)


Tiago Oliveira - Vocals

João Gomes - Guitar

Pedro Almeida - Guitar

Eurico Mealha - Bass

Pedro Antunes - Drums




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