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CKRAFT: Debut Album “Epic Discordant Vision” Out on June 3; “The Loudest Victim” Single Unleashed!

The French gregorian jazz-metal act CKRAFT is proud to reveal the first details about its debut album! The record is called “Epic Discordant Vision” and it will be released on June 3 via CKRAFTPROD as jewel case, streaming, and digital download formats.

Have a taste of the band’s sound with the first single “The Loudest Victim” - available on all the main digital platforms!

“Epic Discordant Vision” will consist of 10 tracks for a duration of almost 49 minutes, where the band unleashes a mix of jazz and metal, bonded together by the immortal melodies of the Gregorian chants. The record follows a blueprint made of heavy, crushing metal riffs, howling solos by metal-influenced jazz musicians, and ancient melodies crossing the centuries from Middle Ages to Metal Ages. The album will find its audience with Djent, Death/Technical/Progressive Metal fans, and also with modern Jazz aficionados that are touched by the unrestricted freedom and genuine expressivity of this music, and therefore, contribute to break the boundaries between music genres a bit more.

The album has been recorded by Jean-Pascal Boffo at Studio Amper, mixed by Marc Karapetian, and mastered by Thibault Chaumont at Deviant Lab. Enclosed you can see the artwork by Olivier Laude.

If you like the boundaries-breaking music, don’t waste your time! Pre-order the album on Bandcamp!

“Epic Discordant Vision” tracklist:

01. The Loudest Victim (4:40)

02. Restless Paradise (3:34)

03. Bug Out! (3:31)

04. A.V.II (6:15)

05. Epic Discordant Vision (4:52)

06. Haunted Axis (6:30)

07. Ave Echidna (5:53)

08. Heia (4:55)

09. Dead For Days (5:11)

10. Human Proliferation (5:31)


Charles Kieny - Augmented Accordion, Compositions

Théo Nguyen Duc Long - Tenor Saxophone

Antoine Morisot - Guitars

Marc Karapetian - Bass

William Bur - Drums

CKRAFT Online:



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