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Berlin’s Post-Punk/Psych Rock Outfit DAY CLINIC Releases Self-Titled Debut Album!

The Berlin-based post-punk quartet DAY CLINIC released its self-titled debut album on the 6th of January. The listening experience of DAY CLINIC’s debut LP is much like a wondrous rollercoaster ride full of throwbacks to 70’s and 80’s style progressive rock, post-punk, and psych rock music.

After setting the mood with the synth-based intro “A Place For Everyone”, DAY CLINIC explores philosophical concepts with the song “Sysiphus”. Named after the book by Albert Camus, “Sysiphus” is an exploration of an existential crisis, a reflection on the sense and senselessness of life. The music very much speaks for itself; the start of the song feels tense and heavy, and with the slow saxophone melodies, one can feel the overbearing weight of existence. As the song progresses, DAY CLINIC moves to a high tempo up-beat post-punk riff which is symbolic of the happy nihilistic release after experiencing an existential crisis.

DAY CLINIC explores the topics of social alienation brought about by the advanced technology, the fragility of existence in a world consumed by militaristic hatred and the struggle to find mental stability.

DAY CLINIC is the screeching and kicking child of four sound-nomads who have left their homes in Israel, Spain, Germany and the UK and relocated to the Berlin in order to start forging in 2018 their mixture of cold, 80´s inspired Post-Punk, Alternative Rock and Heavy-Psych as relentless and heterogeneous as the city where it´s created. Originally started under the name JANIS the band changed their name to DAY CLINIC in order to better reflect their sound.

The album is available on:

“Day Clinic” Track List:

1. A Place For Everyone

2. Sisyphus

3. A Mirror

4. Memorial Day

5. Secrets

6. 2:37 AM

7. As Above So Below

8. Ghosts

“Day Clinic” was recorded at Tricone Studios and Day Clinic Studios in Berlin. The album was mixed by Rafa Quiñonero and was produced by Rafa Quiñonero and DAY CLINIC. The album was mastered by Kai Fricke. DAY CLINIC is:

Boris Kaplunovich - Guitar/Vocals

Rafa Quiñonero - Drums

Can Aylak - Guitar

Chris Crabtree - Bass Special guests:

Ruby Mai - Saxophone

Ted Bernays - Flute




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