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Alt-Metal Act ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY'S LIFE Brings Back Memories of Youth with New Song & Video "July"!

Italian alternative metal band ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY’S LIFE is proud to share a new track, entitled “July”, accompanied by an official AI video. The song showcases dreamy as well as dark atmospheres and will make the fans of Deftones excited!

Watch the video of “July” here:

“July” is a journey where we bring back memories of our youth. The visit to an old country house let us discover a swimming pool, now abandoned, where we were having fun with our friends, drinking something, and falling in love with a gorgeous blonde girl. The view of destroyed house rooms brings us to the surface of when we were children, getting Christmas gifts, or when we were avidly consuming our first books. The dreamy dimension of the first part leaves room for screaming vocals, guitar distortions and melodic choruses in the second part, bound together in a non conventional ballad, outside every genre.

The band stated: “July is the love when we were younger, not the way it is like but the way it tastes like. It’s a cycle of recurring memories, once a year brought with the heat of summer. Words yelled to the wind in the late afternoon, when the sun is about to discover the night and the bodies touch for the first time. Forever.

ATTEMPT TO SOMEBODY’S LIFE is an anthem of radical change to a vital reset. It arises from the survival instinct of 4 individuals who had set aside music and are now grabbed by the hair and pulled back into it. Because passion is a flame that cannot be tamed; it may dwindle almost to extinction, lie dormant, but ultimately, it reignites and burns again!

“July” was recorded and mixed at Grs. Mastered by Tommy Bianchi at White Sound studios.


Ruth Maddison - Vocals, Guitar

Edoardo Battistini - Guitar

Leonardo Santoni - Bass

Jep Munk - Drums


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