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All-Female Metal Project CHAOS RISING Goes Brutal with the Single “Silent Dasein”!

The all-female international metal project CHAOS RISING is going to release the album “The Singles” on October 14. The debut effort consists of a double album including 20 tracks composed and performed by the best female metal musicians worldwide.

“The Singles” is divided into two different sides: “For the Heart” is dedicated to the melodic side of the project, while “For the Head” concerns the most brutal one. CHAOS RISING is happy to share a video from the last one, dedicated to the song “Silent Dasein” - made of abrasive vocals, unrelenting drumming, and massive breakdowns.

Watch the video of “Silent Dasein”:

Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, “The Singles” will be available as a limited edition digipak, and via all major digital platforms. The pre-order is available at

CHAOS RISING announced that the track “Normalize” - featured in “The Singles” - will be soon included in the upcoming compilation “Black Metal Rainbows”. For more infos visit




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