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WAX MEKANIX / TROLL TEETH Unveil Details for New Split-EP “Blunt” with Electric Talon Records

The rock songwriter WAX MEKANIX and the alternative hard rockers TROLL TEETH announced to have joined their artistic efforts in a new split-EP entitled Blunt – set to be released on October 22nd via Electric Talon Records!

In this EP lasting almost 15 minutes, the three tracks by WAX MEKANIX illustrate a striking sonic and thematic evolution for this American rock artist. As if to invite them to follow his lead onward into bountiful undiscovered musical territory, Wax’s diverse, open-minded, brave, and adventurous audience are presented with “Head”, “Manchester Strawberry Blonde”, and “Freak Boutique”. Tribal, exotic, mysterious, fearless, contemporaneous connective tissue between what has come before and whatever Wax sees on his creative horizon. The two songs “The Pigs Are on Parade Today” and “Barbs On A Wire” by TROLL TEETH show a more stoner and metal attitude (as seen from the long guitar solos) while the lyrics have a sarcastic tone, almost bordering on nihilism.

A first look at the front cover you can see enclosed, while this is the tracklist of Blunt:

1. Head (Wax Mekanix) (3:57)

2. Manchester Strawberry Blonde (Wax Mekanix) (1:23)

3. Freak Boutique(Wax Mekanix) (2:56)

4. The Pigs Are on Parade Today (Troll Teeth) (3:40)

5. Barbs on a Wire (Troll Teeth) (3:56)

Wax Mekanix Personnel: Wax Mekanix: Lead and backing vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Drums, Percussion (Tracks 1-3)

Lectriq: Backing vocals, Percussion (Tracks 1 & 3) Brandon Yeagley: Backing vocals (Tracks 1 & 3) Chris Bishop: Acoustic Guitar (Tracks 1 & 3) Tom Altman: Acoustic Guitar, Bass (Tracks 1 & 3) Stephen Burdick: Acoustic Guitar (Tracks 1 & 3) Marissa Wolner: Backing vocals: (Tracks 1 & 3) M11SON: Backing vocals (Tracks 1 & 3) Gene ‘Machine’ Freeman: Drums (Track 1)

Produced by: Wax Mekanix and Lectriq (Tracks 1-3) Engineered by: Lectriq (Tracks 1-3), Machine (Track 1), Alberto De Icaza (Tracks 1 & 3), Brandon Yeagley (Tracks 1 & 3)

Recording Locations: 1. Lectriq Factory, Philadelphia, PA (Tracks 1-3) 2. The Machine Shop, Austin, TX (Track 1) 3. Alberto Mixes, Austin, TX (Tracks 1 & 3) 4. Yeagley Sound, St. Clair, PA (Tracks 1 & 3) 7. Wax's car (Tracks 1-3)

Songs 1-3 written by Wax Mekanix.

Troll Teeth

Personnel: Moe Eccles: Bass/Vocals Peter Trafalski: Guitar Kyle Applebaum: Drums

Mixed by: Richard Bukowski and Neil Cote at Groundwork Sound Mastered by: Machine Recording Location: Troll Teeth's studio in Blackwood NJ

Songs 4-5 written by Troll Teeth.





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