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Watch Tel & Age Of The Wolf's Videos for “Downer” & “Priestess of Cledones” Premiered on 666Mr.Doom!

A few weeks after the release of their Vigils split-EP via label Electric Talon Records, TEL and AGE OF THE WOLF are excited to reveal new videos, this time exclusively premiered on the 666Mr.Doom’s YouTube channel!

Watch Tel’s official visualizer for “Downer”:

Age Of The Wolf’s visualizer for “Priestess of Cledones” is available here:

Vigils can best be described as a diverse, yet cohesive, doom metal release. The cold works of TEL and the loud, fuzz-driven approach of AGE OF THE WOLF take opposite sides of the same coin; with both bands performing heavy, aggressive, and intense sounding music in their own unique manners.

The album has been very well reviewed from the press, as you can read below:

Vigils is a superb split release that will please both sets of fans with every song hitting the mark and leaving you wanting more.. Quite simply this is a must-have release.

- Outlaws Of The Sun

Vigils is a split in style but not in spirit, and that was a nice revelation to me. Highly recommended.

- The Sleeping Shaman

This is not only a fine split pairing but the material on each side is legit, completely free of bunk or filler. For sure the best sludge-related release that has hit me in ages.

- GrizzlyButts

Grab your copy of Vigils in digi-lite or tape format on the Electric Talon Records Bandcamp page (

TEL Line-Up:

Dante DuVall – Vocals, Piano, Lyrics

Michael Potts – Guitars

Ed Fierro – Bass

Matt Grigsby – Drums


Christopher de Haan – Guitars, Vocals

Jorge Camacho – Bass, Vocals

Gabriel Ortiz – Drums, Vocals, Synths

J.C. Zúñiga – Guitars, Vocals





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