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Vienna's Instrumental Heavy Psych Band LIQUID EARTH Released New Album “Teufelskreis”!

After releasing the alcoholic video for the song “Katerfrühstück” in July, the Austrian instrumental heavy psych trio LIQUID EARTH has released the new album “Teufelskreis” on October 22 via Electric Fire Records.

“Teufelskreis” is composed of five tracks for a total playing time of almost 44 minutes. With a menu including groove, heavy riffs, and delicate vibes, the trio takes you on a journey through psychedelic soundscapes and face-melting doom parts, guaranteeing a hypnotic experience for the listener.

The album “Teufelskreis” is written by Liquid Earth. Recorded, mixed, and produced by Thomas Ranosz at Pure Sound Recordings. Mastered by Melon FM Productions. The artwork is designed by Valk.

“Teufelskreis” is available as vinyl in two different colors (black, blue/white), digipak, streaming, and digital download on LIQUID EARTH’s Bandcamp page:

You can also stream the album on

Apple Music:

This is the tracklist of “Teufelskreis”:

1. Katerfrühstück

2. Vollrausch

3. Filmriss

4. Brettwoman

5. Rosenofen


Sebastian Krems - Drums

Lukas Jäger - Bass

Thomas Steinschauer - Guitar




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