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US Progressive Metalcore / Deathcore Artist NADAE Urges to Kill Monsters with Single “The Fighter"!

Two years after “The Hidden Hare” debut EP, the progressive metalcore / deathcore artist NADAE comes back with a new single. The track is called “The Fighter” and it will be included in the new album “The Septhed: Gods of Kenilworth”, scheduled to be released later this year.

Watch the brand-new lyric video on YouTube!

Having roots in the both rock and jazz of his home state of Tennessee, singer-songwriter Jacob Sipes, also known as NADAE, has set out to break the metal mold. Being true to the spirit of jazz, rock, and metal alike, each song he makes is its own synthesis of genres, those deemed to best serve the song in question. Having relocated to Kenilworth UK, Sipes has now teamed up with producers Sam and Joe Graves (Innersound Audio Studios) to release aggressive music both powerful and novel in nature.

Nadae's mission is to inspire the listener forward in life. His first release “The Hidden Hare” EP (2020) centered on the death of Sipes' grandfather. The EP concludes with how we all ultimately need to move beyond grief. Now the newest release “The Fighter” is centered on awakening the deep urge to fuck shit up and pointing that energy at overcoming obstacles (these obstacles can be anything from a state of mental illness, bad habits, an evil person, or even a tyrannical government).

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