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US Industrial Black Death Metal Artist DYOXIDON Released the New Album ''The Decaying Multiverse''!

Colorado Springs-based Industrial Black Death Metal artist DYOXIDON has released the new album “The Decaying Multiverse” on March 5. The new Dyoxidon album touches upon horror scenarios involving aliens and other hostile entities, as well as spiritual and philosophical commentaries from a science-fiction perspective. In other words, it uses sci-fi metaphors to criticize our society and how it works.

Watch the visualizer video of “Tempest Nexus” on YouTube!

The sci-fi concepts of “The Decaying Multiverse” are mixed with industrial music and extreme metal, combining the two genres along with those lyrical themes. The mastermind Host_Revenant tries to pull from different subgenres of electronic and industrial music, in order to hopefully keep the music interesting. The sound combines elements of brutal death metal and atmospheric black metal mixed with harsh industrial and IDM.

DYOXIDON's origins can be traced back to 2009, when sole band member Host_Revenant began listening to artists in the industrial black metal subjenre. Wanting to pursue a unique musical path, without copying directly from such influences, the project was taken into a more death metal direction, with hints of black metal merely accenting the mechanized soundscapes. It wasn't until 2017 that an attempted full-length album was recorded, entitled "Mechanobiotic Theosophy". Upon relocating from Wisconsin to Colorado in 2019, the project released an EP entitled "Outmoded". Being dissatisfied with the final sound of "Mechanobiotic Theosophy", the album was re-recorded and remixed in 2021 to become "Exo-Spectrum", the first official Dyoxidon full-length. “The Decaying Multiverse”was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Host_Revenant in his home studio.Artwork by Phlegeton Art Studio.

The Decaying Multiverse” tracklist:

1) Psychosomatic Harvest

2) Tempest Nexus

3) Extinction [Errata]

4) Parasite Communion

5) Paroxysmal Nova

6) Light of a Cybernetic Sun

7) The Crystalline Void

8) Spectravore

Stream and download “The Decaying Multiverse” on:


Host_Revenant: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Synth Programming, Drums Programming


S. Wyatt Houseman (Helleborus, Akhenaten): Additional vocals (Tracks 1 and 4)

Jeremy Cuchiara (Ob Nixilis): Additional Vocals (Track 2)

Manuel Moreno (Ob Nixilis): Additional Vocals (Track 2)




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