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US Black Metal/Neofolk/Industrial Artist NONE Reveals Details of the Upcoming Live Album “Alive in San Jose”; Watch the Video of “Desert Skyline”!

Los Angeles-based black metal/neofolk/industrial artist NONE is teasing fans with “Desert Skyline”, the first track taken from the upcoming live album “Alive in San Jose”. The record will be released independently on March 8th on main digital streaming platforms.

“Desert Skyline” perfectly captures NONE’s musical experience defined as The Dark Gospel - an apocalyptic and ritual interpretation of humanity and its meanness. Equipped with an acoustic guitar and the power of narration, NONE visits the depths of the human soul on a journey full of symbols, rituals, and philosophies.

Watch the video of “Desert Skyline”:

Pre-order “Alive in San Jose”:

Stream/download “Desert Skyline“ on

NONE‘s mastermind Nicholas Mendiola has this to say about his music:

“The Dark Gospel is music that transcends all boundaries of genre and sub-categories of an existing identification. The Dark Gospel is and was named for being spiritual art; alchemical, true - not borderline, but a vow and a deep plunge into the religious nature of the art. The Dark Gospel is for those who seek the divine and mystic source of energy, an eternal truth that is ourselves - and God; being that God is both internal and external. For those who are capable of producing this higher form of art; your Dark Gospel will likely be nothing like mine in terms of musical approach.

The True Dark Gospel is the highest form of art; the one that you believe in. The Dark Gospel is your very existence - behind closed doors, where no one else can see, and in every breath you take. Your life is for The Dark Gospel - however violent, or beautiful.. it is NEVER just music. You must be relentless in your pursuit for greatness. Enlightenment is fleeting, and you must die while on the path.”

“Alive in San Jose” portrays NONE performing at The Caravan Lounge in San Jose, CA, on the 29th of October, 2023. This was the artist's first hometown appearance, despite the movement's conception being eight years prior. Five out of the six songs showcased were new/unreleased material that should later be contained in an LP.

The album was taped/edited, recorded and mixed by Portal Studios. Band photos by Wyman Choy Photography. Band logo by Nicholas Mendiola. Cover edited by John Bradford Schuler.

FFO's: Blut Aus Nord, Vatican Shadow and Rome

NONE is:

Nathan Nunes - Bass, Guitar

Nicholas Mendiola - Vocals, Guitar

Drums pre-recorded by John Schuler and Adam Ordonez

Additional backing instruments and vocals by Nicholas Mendiola

NONE Online:


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