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US-Based Black Metal Band LENAX Unleashes Cosmic Horror with New Single “Beneath the Chapel”, Listen to the Song Below!

Nashville's black metal band LENAX is proud to unleash cosmic horror-fueled nightmares with a symphonic rendition of its song “Beneath The Chapel” from the band’s 2023 EP “Purity”. Fans of bands such as Dark Funeral, Watain, and Satyricon, will rejoice while experiencing the crisp yet bleak sonic experience that LENAX offers.

With the new symphonic arrangement of “Beneath The Chapel”, the band takes an already heavy mid-paced black metal song, and elevates it by adding symphonic elements. The symphonic elements don’t interfere with the core of the song, on the contrary, they add an epic dimension that makes heavy riffs hitting harder. The spiritually-infused song invites listeners on a journey through themes like rebellion against religion, revenge, and self-realization through occult technology.

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Lyrically, the track deals with harboring anger towards religious zealots. While not a unique concept in black metal, one of the core ideas of the song, and one that has real historical precedence, is the fact that many people in the history of the church were also involved in the occult. That is the literal implication of the song title, the hidden blasphemous rites, that may be going on right on the holy grounds, often by the same people who condemn humanity for any number of things.

Keeping with the theme of historical precedence, mid-way through the song, there’s a Hellenic rendition of a second century magical text. The spoken invocation was recorded by Hephaestus, the band’s studio bass player from Greece, who performed on the original recordings of the 2023 EP “Purity”. The musical section during the invocation is a shift in tone highlighting the added string section with a clean guitar part, before shifting back into gear before the final closing of the song.

The band’s lead singer and songwriter Venomous has this to say about the future of LENAX;

“Not only are we immensely happy with the sound and energy on this remix, we will be following this up with an entire remaster of Purity coming soon. Every one of us in this band truly love the music, and we are excited to already be engaged in the writing process for a new full-length record.”

Music and lyrics by Venomous, track recorded at Blood Mage Studio, mixed and mastered by Ilarion Ivanenko. Artwork by Katana Jae. Band photos by J Lindsay. Band logo by Illia Karpenko.


Venomous - Guitar, Vocals

Mordred - Guitar, Backing Vocals

The Silence - Bass

Profana - Drums

LENAX Online:

Lenax Unleashes "Beneath The Chapel"

Lenax Unleashes "Beneath The Chapel"


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