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Thrash/Speed Titans TYRANEX Drop “Rise from the Dead” Video Off Next LP “Reasons For The Slaughter”!

Swedish thrash/speed metal band TYRANEX is excited to share the brand-new track “Rise from the Dead”! This is the first single from the band’s upcoming LP “Reasons For The Slaughter”, to be released on September 22nd via GMR Music Group.

By only listening to the fierce and furious “Rise from the Dead” it becomes abundantly clear that TYRANEX adheres to the orthodox ways of old school thrash metal. The band takes inspiration from the golden era of 80’s thrash metal. The band incorporates speed metal in the new single while conservatively sprinkling some melodic riffs to keep it interesting. Linnea Landstedt’s impeccable high-pitched vocal performance soaring above the speed-metal riffs is what stands out most about “Rise from the Dead”. Linnea Landstedt elaborated:

Rise from the Dead” is a typical representation of TYRANEX that connects to all the previous albums. Balancing on the borderline of speed metal, we sing about an evil bastard who makes the dead rise from their graves to attack the mortals. Can you ever get enough zombie songs? We think every badass album needs at least one!” Watch the video of “Rise from the Dead”!

The upcoming album “Reasons For The Slaughter” can be best described as an intense thrash and speed metal attack, just as it should be. The LP hits you harder than you think and then manages to hit even harder than that. The production quality is exactly what old school thrash metal should sound like in 2023 and rightfully so since the LP was produced by Lawrence Mackrory (Katatonia, Bloodbath, Decapitated, Vomitory, etc.). The nine-track album will be released on vinyl, CD (and of course cassette for the die-hard fans).

Pre-order the physical copy (Vinyl/CD/Cassette) here:

Alternatively, you can pre-save “Reasons For The Slaughter” here:

Formed in 2005, TYRANEX is a powerful and energetic metal band from Sweden who takes its influences from the golden era of 1980's thrash. TYRANEX is true, old school thrash/speed metal with attitude, drawing equally from both the European and American scenes of the time. With intense riffs and powerful female lead vocals, provided by acclaimed frontwoman Linnea Landstedt, the band is both classic and yet individual in style.

TYRANEX toured until the pandemic broke out and during this time the band established themselves in Gothenburg with a new line-up.

After the new start, TYRANEX worked on the songwriting for its fourth album “Reasons For The Slaughter”, which is the most elaborate and meticulous work the band has produced so far. Musically and production-wise, this is a highlight of TYRANEX's career and the journey continues. During the years of its existence, the band has toured in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France. TYRANEX also played at major metal festivals such as Metal Assault, Jalometalli, Steelfest, Taunus Metal, and the Gefle Metal Festival. “Reasons For The Slaughter” tracklist:

1. Overture

2. Where Light Ceases to Exist

3. Rise from the Dead

4. Full Circle

5. Megalomania

6. Reasons for the Slaughter

7. Pyromaniac

8. Do or Die

9. Wipe Out

“Rise from the Dead” was written by Linnea Landstedt. The song was produced by TYRANEX and Lawrence Mackrory. The drums were recorded at Grand Recordings Studio, Gothenburg. The vocals were recorded at Rorysound Studios, Uppsala. Guitars and bass were recorded in The Dungeons of Gothenburg. The song was mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory at Rorysound Studios, Uppsala.


Linnea Landstedt - Guitars, Vocals

Will Tomao - Guitars

Martin Petersson - Bass

Pontus Pettersson-Gull - Drums


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