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The Modern Metal Act CIANALAS Reveals Details of Upcoming Album “Far Beyond Healing”; Watch the Video for “Let The Towers Fall”!

The Modern Metal duo CIANALAS is proud to share the details of its upcoming album “Far Beyond Healing”. The band will release the album independently on all platforms on June 7th. As a foretaste of the band’s sonic offer, the video of “Let The Towers Fall” is available on YouTube. Watch it here:

Pre-order “Far Beyond Healing” here:

With the upcoming album, CIANALAS incorporates melodic riffs and melancholic atmospheres into the modern metal genre. “Far Beyond Healing” will catch modern metal fans off-guard thanks to the presence of melodic death metal and some symphonic black metal elements. The album is sure to excite fans of bands like In Flames, Caliban, and Trivium!

Lyrically, the album showcases the members’ personal background and features socially critical content. Additionally, stories from the world of esteemed author J. R. R. Tolkien can be found in the album lyrics.

The band revealed the tracklist. You can read it below:

“Far Beyond Healing” tracklist

1. Evidence In Everything

2. Through Ages Standing Tall

3. Nothing Out There

4. Better Days

5. All Hail The Blinded

6. Far Beyond Healing

7. We’re the Idols

8. The Opponent

9. Let The Towers Fall

10. Another Visit To Their Hell

“Far Beyond Healing” was recorded by the band in its home studio. Tracks 4-6-10 mixed and mastered by Lukas Danning at Wayward Sound, the rest by Konst Fischer Mixing. Photos by the band itself. Artwork and band logo designed by Markus Bauer.


Stephan - Music, All Instruments

Markus - Vocals, Lyrics



"A deep seated sense of belonging to the place where your roots lie. There is no sadness or melancholy in cianalas, only the realisation of what is truly important in life."

The roots of CIANALAS go back to times over 20 years ago, when Stephan and Markus played in different bands but shared the same basement for their rehearsal rooms. Stephan was part of a band called ‘Meridian’ while Markus shouted for ‘Behind The Gate’ and started ‘The Course Is Black’ after ‘Behind The Gate’ broke up. He also went on to leave ‘The Course Is Black’ soon after.

Although their bands split up (or kept on going without them), metal music always stayed a part of their lives. Stephan moved from Germany to Switzerland and after years started writing on new songs. In search of a singer for one special song he called Markus and asked if he would like to join his project. Markus was facing some tough times at that moment and the song Stephan sent him just hit him like a hammer and he was in at once. The song was called Far Beyond Healing and started a musical journey where two very different characters joined forces and built a new musical home with roots that grow deep.

CIANALAS Upcoming Album

CIANALAS Upcoming Album


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