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THE HEAD OF THE TRAITOR Unleashes The Dead with ''The Beginning'' Video; Premiere on Slam Worldwide

Liquefied bodies, tears, and pain! This is the poetics presented to us by the Symphonic Deathcore band THE HEAD OF THE TRAITOR!

The Scottish band unleashes a new gem of his artistic evolution with the collaboration of Litterbox Massacre vocalist Alex Ives. It is called The Beginning, and you can hear it in all its power in an exclusive premiere by Slam Worldwide:

Let's hold the hands of a rotten corpse, the skin is slipping is hard to hold on.

This is the mantra that THE HEAD OF THE TRAITOR gives us, directly taken from the Book of the Dead. An endless pain, flowing freely in our society. Lack of life pervades our world, where helpless bodies swear eternal loyalty to pain. Feeding a hopeless future.

I'm hard from the lack of life, I'm fuelled from the way you cry. Ripped apart and begging me, I'm drenched in your sacrifice.

For fans of White Chapel, Lorna Shore, Chelsea Grin, Black Dahlia Murder, and Thy Art Is Murder.

The Beginning is available on:


Darren – Vocals

Alex Ives – Vocals (Guest)

Tony – Guitar

Richie – Guitar

Craig – Keyboards

David – Bass

George – Drums


The Metallist PR:



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