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Tel/Age Of The Wolf: The “Vigils” split-EP is Finally Out via Electric Talon Records!

Today is the day! TEL and AGE OF THE WOLF are proud to see their jointed work coming to the light! Their split-EP is called Vigils and it is now available in digi-lite and tape format via Electric Talon Records!

AGE OF THE WOLF’s side of the split plunges into a two song concept dealing with self-discovery, pilgrimage and a lot of big riffs. Destiny and false perceptions play a role in where we choose to dive in, and where we go from there. The sound of the band is a mix between new, heavier sludge doom bonanza and gigantic stoner doom passages. The three tracks from TEL display a cold and atmospheric approach to the doom metal genre, despite the sludgy roots remaining an important element of his sound.

Vigils can best be described as a diverse, yet cohesive, doom metal release. The cold works of TEL and the loud, fuzz-driven approach of AGE OF THE WOLF take opposite sides of the same coin; with both bands performing heavy, aggressive, and intense sounding music in their own unique manners.

TEL recorded, mixed, and mastered his tracks with Kris Hilbert by Legitimate Business in Greensboro, NC in September 2020, while the songs by AGE OF THE WOLF have been recorded by Marcos Monnerat at Stereorat Studios, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio in November 2020. The artwork is by Misanthropic Art Illusions with layout by Michael Potts and Dante DuVall.

The album is available on the Bandcamp page of Electric Talon Records (

This is the tracklist for Vigils:

1. Age of the Wolf “Priestess of Cledones” (7:37)

2. Age of the Wolf “Slaves to the Riff” (12:11)

3. Tel “Punish” (6:25)

4. Tel “Downer” (9:00)

5. Tel “Salvation” (4:44)


Christopher de Haan – Guitars, Vocals

Jorge Camacho – Bass, Vocals

Gabriel Ortiz – Drums, Vocals, Synths

J.C. Zúñiga – Guitars, Vocals

TEL Line-Up:

Dante DuVall – Vocals, Piano, Lyrics

Michael Potts – Guitars

Ed Fierro – Bass

Matt Grigsby – Drums


TEL Online:

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