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Technical Death/Deathcore Project ASTRAL ADORNMENT Unveils Details of the Upcoming Self-Titled Album; Watch the Video of “Consume | Concede (Woodrot)”!

Los Angeles-based technical death/deathcore project ASTRAL ADORNMENT is excited to reveal the first details about his self-titled debut. “Astral Adornment” will be released independently on March 19th and it will be available on the main digital platforms. The new single “Consume | Concede (Woodrot)” is now available as a foretaste of the upcoming album, composed by 10 tracks inspired from the likes of Inferi, Summoning the Lich, and Blood Incantation.

Watch the video of “Consume | Concede (Woodrot)” here:

Pre-order “Astral Adornment” on Bandcamp:

Stream/download “Consume | Concede (Woodrot)“ on

“Astral Adornment” explores dark and thought-provoking themes, delving into the enigmatic realms of astral projection, pantheism, nihilism, and the mysteries of lost civilizations. The opening tracks serve as a gateway to this intense musical journey, with punishing riffs and guttural vocals laying the foundation for an atmospheric descent into existential contemplation. Navigating the intricate balance between technicality and raw aggression, the album is an auditory experience that is both brutal and intellectually stimulating. “Astral Adornment” becomes more than just a theme; it becomes an auditory experience, with ethereal melodies and dynamic shifts in tempo transporting the listener to otherworldly dimensions. Pantheism and nihilism are explored not just through lyrics but through the very fabric of the music, with dissonant chords and relentless blast beats reflecting the chaos inherent in these philosophical concepts. As the album progresses, the listener is taken on a musical odyssey that mirrors the unraveling of lost civilizations. The intensity of the instrumentation mirrors the rise and fall of ancient empires, creating a sense of grandeur and melancholy. The thematic coherence is palpable, with each track contributing a piece to the larger puzzle, inviting the audience to contemplate the intricacies of existence. The production of the album is raw and its visceral energy is captured without sacrificing clarity, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the sonic maelstrom. ASTRAL ADORNMENT doesn't just deliver a collection of songs; they invite you to explore the uncharted territories of the mind and soul. Brace yourself for an intense, cerebral journey that pushes the boundaries of the genre and leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of modern heavy music.

Music and lyrics by Michael Connell. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Connell. Artwork, logo and photo by Michael Connell.


Michael Connell - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Instrument Programming



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