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TAUSENDSTERN: The Debut EP “Hamartia” Now Available

The German blackened death metal band TAUSENDSTERN has released his debut EP Hamartia on November 3th in streaming and digital download formats.

Hamartia is an highly ambitious album, deeply rooted in the monuments of extreme metal forefathers. It is dark, harsh, and uncomfortable. It demands reflection, but it is also passion and what is called "Sturm und Drang". The lyrics, written in German, are loosely inspired by Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" and are a eulogy to the man-made apocalypse.

TAUSENDSTERN is a Blackened Death Metal duo from Dresden, which was founded in January 2019 by Moritz (all instruments, songwriting, vocals), and Philipp (vocals, lyrics, conception) – both already playing together in the local dark metal band Akoasma.

Philipp and Moritz quickly realized that they wanted to make music together beyond Akoasma. The title-track “Hamartia” was then created in January 2019 and proves the artistic power of the duo both lyrically and musically. Since then, the two artists have used the project as an outlet for no-frills blackened death metal. They honor the monuments of those who made this genre great and add their own fresh touches.

Hamartia is available on the following digital platforms:

This is the tracklist of Hamartia:

1. Offenbarung 6.10 (1:34)

2. Hamartia (6:14)

3. Requiem(8:32)

4. Vater (7:06)

5. Kreuzgang (8:15)

6. Tausendstern (7:55)

Album recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sumarbrander. Artwork by Fernand Lematte.


Sumarbrander - All music, Guitars, Bass, High Screams, Clean Vocals

Philipp Sorger - Vocals, Lyrics, Concept




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